NatGeo’s 50th Anniversary of Earth Day – Special Edition

Photo Credit: Kari Medig

Greta wasn’t the first to demand climate action. Meet more young activists. In what they see as a battle for their future, youths are taking action and demanding their elders do more to protect the planet.” Severn is honoured to be included in this year’s National Geographic’s 50th Earth Day Anniversary edition. By, Laura Parker

Telling your Public Story: Self, Us, Now

I recently led a Storytelling workshop using the Marshall Ganz technique, at the Education First Students’ Global Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland (July 14). Check out this Ganz worksheet for more on the method. While elements of this technique are used by many great storytellers, this organizing method of storytelling is powerful; it focuses in on telling your own narrative (the Story of Self), fusing it with the audience (the Story of Us), and sets the stage for your call to action (the Story of Now).

Self, Us, Now – by Marshall Ganz