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…and meet Susan Johnston.  Susan is EA to Severn and to Severn’s sister, Sarika Cullis-Suzuki.  She manages correspondence, speaking engagement requests, project coordination and most importantly, collaboration.  She brings great professional experience to the team with a background in event management and planning, logistics coordination and operations administration.  A mariner at heart, Susan has lived and worked on or near the water most of her life, and therefore cares deeply about healthy oceans (and she loves animals)!  The three of us have a great, dynamic partnership and are always coming up with new ways to organize our energies towards creating change to a more just, diverse, and climate-friendly world. 

We have news! Severn is now the Executive Director at the David Suzuki Foundation! And, she continues to be engaged in her PhD work on endangered language revitalization. You can read more about her work in this article: This is the Transformation Decade.

For all media or speaking engagement requests, please contact Brendan Glauser, Communications Director at the David Suzuki Foundation by email:

For all other requests or inquiries, please send a message to Susan Johnston using the form below. We receive a high volume of email messages daily, so please do excuse any delays in our replies. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.