That speech I gave at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 truly has a life of its own. Last year, Swiss artist Simone Giampaolo reached out to tell me about a project he and a team of fellow animators were working on… a collaborative animation of the 6 minutes of the speech to the UN. They have created something magical and moving. It will be released online soon.

EUROPEAN PREMIERE from September 18th to October 11th, 2020 at Encounters Film Festival in Bristol, and as seen at Fantoche!

“‘Only a Child’ is a visual poem by Simone Giampaolo and AMKA Films, giving shape to the words spoken by Severn-Cullis Suzuki at the UN Summit in 1992.” Trailer released – Earth Day 2020!

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“We are perpetuating intergenerational injustice: Climate Change is the ultimate example of an intergenerational crime. 

Helsinki, Finland 2017

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This is an interesting moment in the narrative of Canada. Reconciliation offers us a chance: we need to learn from First Nations people; age old cultures with tried and tested knowledge on how to survive.

Samaqan: Urban Rez Productions on APTN

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“This is an incredible time to be alive: each of our actions matter.  We have the opportunity to be part of a narrative of transformation, to play a role in the human story.” 

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