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I'm Only a Child, But...

A generation has passed since Severn spoke to the UN on behalf of ECO: Tove Fenger, Michelle Quigg, Vanessa Suttie & Morgan Geisler, in 1992. 25 years later, the speech continues to make the rounds on social media. Why is this speech still relevant? The words are powerful, but the delivery from a child, someone with everything at stake, gives the speech its power.  The ECO gang conferred and decided to a give the speech to a new generation of youth. 

Let’s continue to amplify this message!

ADULTS & PARENTS:  Please watch the video compilation of 25 youth using their voice for change.  Watch, share, and show the video to your kids!  

TEACHERS: Thank you for your continued interest in this speech.  We are thrilled to partner with you and continue the work of this video project by sharing some suggestions of how to incorporate this speech into your classroom teachings. 

YOUTH: Your voice is powerful! What if this message kept amplifying until it couldn’t be ignored any longer?   We invite kids (around 12 yrs old) to add your voice to this project.

EVERYONE:  PLEASE GO TO OUR “INITIATIVES” PAGE for details on how to participate and add your voice!

And, consider the Earth Charter as guidance for how to become sustainable and fair. 

Thank you to the wonderful group of people and partners for their amazing support and work: Environmental Children's Organization Members, the David Suzuki Foundation, Earth Charter International and Indigenous City Media!


“We have forgotten our most ancient and tested survival strategy — to act with the future in mind.”


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Parents: We’re all in this together
“As a human family, we must decide: will we be selfish and short-sighted or cooperative and visionary?”

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